Welcome to the official website for the newly formed Queensland Action Group for the Preservation of Pure Bred Poultry Inc.

About Us 

We are an apolitical group of senior and dedicated poultry fanciers formed out of the need to see pure bred poultry breeders protected from draconian Local Government By-Laws.  We acknowledge that breeders must maintain adequate hygiene standards and apply vermin control but we believe we must be allowed to keep enough breeding stock to allow us to maintain our breeds.

We will endeavour to consult with and represent the views of all clubs throughout Queensland and will correspond with all known poultry clubs on a regular basis.

We are applying to have this group incorporated in the State of Queensland and will abide by all regulations required by the State's incorporation laws.

Breaking News

Long Time Pure Bred Poultry Breeder and Exhibitor Jack Hutton from Townsville has had the court dismiss the council's attempt to have him prevented from keeping fowls.

Read the whole story in the Courier Mail story. When you read the story what about adding your comments to the Courier Make Blog lets show Jack he has our support 


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