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Membrship is open to all Poultry Clubs and Individuals throughout Qld. Concideration may be given to clubs from other areas but this will be addressed when the constitution is formalised.


Club Membership 

$50.00 per year     

Clubs will appoint one voting delegate 

This delegate can be appointed each year with Annual Membership Fee on the Application Form or on a meeting to meeting basis in writing and delivered to the QAGPPBP Inc Secretary prior to the commencement of a meeting. 

No voting delegate can hold more than 2 votes at any one time

Individual Membership

$10.00 per year
a member has full voting rights but is permited to have no more than two vote I.E. their own vote as a member and one vote as a club delegate


Nomination of a Proxy delegate (club delegate for one meeting that would override an anual nomination ) is to be in writing signed by a member of the club concerned and delivered to the QAGPPBP Inc Secretary prior to commencement of the meeting)

If your Club wishes to join please  complete the Aplication form and then click submit.

 At the moment we are more interested in getting an accurate list of clubs and adresses and also an accurate count of Fanciers in Qld so untill the fees and constitution has been ratified we will not require the membership fee to be submitted with the form

The following Application Form and Survey is to allow us to guage the support for poultry in each area and give us an accurate number that we are representing. 

We beg that you participate in this survey even if your club doesn't join the action group as we need the survey to give the most accurate account of Pure Bred Exhibition Poultry and Exhibitor Activity. I want to also show the impact of related industry and events should our action group fail it's objectives. 

Membership Applications received electronically via this website are held as Membership Pending  until the QAGPPBP secretary receipts the set membership fee 
No club/individual will be allowed a vote prior to receipt of membership fee.Membership Applications accepted via this site are held as pending untill membership fee is receipted by the Secretary/Treasurer)


Club Membership Application Form

Poultry Club Activity Survey

How Many Members Does your Club Have

In the Last Five Years has your Show numbers Numbers

How Many of your Members Travel to Other Areas

Do your Members Support the Local Agricultural Show

Do Your Members Support the RNAQ (Ekka)

Do Your Members Travel Interstate to Poultry Shows (either as a Judge, Exhibitor or Visitor)

With 12 months to go how many of your Members would be hoping to attend the Canberra National Poultry Show in 2012

When traveling interstate to poultry shows

What Brand of Poultry Feed do your members use (More than one selection acceptable

Who are the Main Suppliers of Poultry Equipment to your Members


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