On this page we will have the Minutes of all general & committee meetings.

Minutes Jan 2011.pdf Minutes Jan 2011.pdf
Size : 169.81 Kb
Type : pdf
Minutes 24 10 2010.pdf Minutes 24 10 2010.pdf
Size : 73.023 Kb
Type : pdf

Latest News Incorporation is now official 

In a letter dated 11.04.2011 we have been formally advised that Incorporation has been finalised.

Click here to download a copy of the Official Certificate

Certificate of Incorporation.pdf Certificate of Incorporation.pdf
Size : 470.582 Kb
Type : pdf

If you are experiencing dificulty opening these files click here to download Adobe PDF Reader 


There has been quite a bit of discussion between SEQ Clubs and a couple regional councils

Whilst the QAGPPBP Inc has advised the Councils of our interest we have not actively taken part in the discussions although we have tried to have reps at meetings where possible and have kept up to date with progress I have made any info I have available to clubs as they have requested. 

To date the progress with these councils is extremely positive.

I have downloadable versions of both council proposals online below

Whilst both documents are lengthy they should be read in their entirety.

The Moreton Bay Regional Council have advised that they will require Standards set out in the Code of Practice for Keeping Poultry from the Qld Dept of Primary Industry's will need to be met to be granted a permit to keep excess of the numbers specified.

In essence it says that no male birds will be allowed on properties less than 20000sq m (5 acres) unless you are a registered poultry keeper and there is no maximum number for registered breeders. The fee will be a $130 application fee and $25/year there after.

Not an ideal but I feel it is a great step forward.

I have also added the Dept Of Primary Industry Document as well

DPI Code of Practice.pdf DPI Code of Practice.pdf
Size : 802.311 Kb
Type : pdf
Logan City Council Proposal.pdf Logan City Council Proposal.pdf
Size : 576.721 Kb
Type : pdf
Moreton Bay RC Propsal.pdf Moreton Bay RC Propsal.pdf
Size : 388.251 Kb
Type : pdf

 An interesting article has appeared on the ABC Website http://www.abc.net.au/environment/articles/2011/04/19/3191836.htm talking about the benefits of Poultry in the Suburban backyard. Please veiw it and get it out to as many people as you can

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